Cold brew tea

Discover how to make a refreshing, delicious and healthy brew cold tea you can enjoy during the summer.

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Live a healthier life

Benefits of Matcha Tea

Energy Booster

Energy booster

A cup of matcha is bursting with antioxidants, nutrients and general goodness. You experience a natural energy boost – no coffee-like jitters.

Calorie Burner

Calorie burner

Matcha contains many beneficial compounds such as EGCG, which studies have linked to boosting metabolism and burning fat.

Detox body

Detox body

When you drink matcha you take in the entire leaf and its nutritional properties, making it the perfect way to detox and rejuvenate.

Live a healthier life

The healthiest tea for a better you

Matcha is a very special type of Japanese green tea with ancient traditions. To fully explore its rich tapestry of history, we travel back in time to when the Tang Dynasty was the authority in China. A mystical period ranging from 7th to 10th century.

Four easy steps to follow

How to make matcha latte


step 1

1/2 teaspoon of matcha


step 2

Add warm water


step 3

Stir to dissolve


step 4

Add your choice of hot milk

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