HELLO, I’m Dieter, the person behind Teafolly – pleased to meet you!

Whether I’m in or out of the kitchen, leading a healthy lifestyle has always been a passion close to my heart. Ever since I was young, I’ve had a huge love for enjoying food and cooking. After years of practising in my kitchen, I eventually enrolled in a professional cooking school and came out with my first major as a chef.

Basically I’m convinced that a healthy body is the best fashion statement. So when I travelled to Asia and first discovered the healthy qualities of matcha green tea, well, that was it. I was totally captivated by the vivid green colour, that oh-so rich flavour, and the overall boost I felt from its many nutritional properties.

Why teafolly?

I’ve always believed healthy, organic foods packed with nutrients should be easily attainable and enjoyed by everyone. Matcha was the perfect example!

The thing is, I was surprised at how difficult it was to find high-quality matcha back home. I also struggled to find much useful information about this magical product.

That’s why I set out on a goal to bring all things matcha-related to you (without the effort I had to go through). That first matcha moment changed my life. Now, combining my culinary background and my passion for matcha, I present to you… Teafolly!

What is Teafolly?

Teafolly is a communi-tea for anyone interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. Naturally, the emphasis is on how matcha can help you reach these goals.

I want to help you by offering useful information for your matcha journey, plus easy-to-follow matcha recipes you can create at home.


Promoting health & wellness

Show how matcha fits perfectly as part of a long-term healthy lifestyle commitment. 

Matcha Aroma, Color & Feel

Sharing knowledge

Share easy-to-understand knowledge and provide inspiration about matcha green tea.

Helping the communi-tea

Offer help to matcha fans – what info are you missing or would you like to see?


Teafolly is a growing matcha communi-tea – so let’s talk! What would you like to see, discover and know about matcha?

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