What is the best time to drink matcha green tea?

What is the best time to drink matcha green tea?

Zen monks knew matcha tea is a healthy drink containing many different nutrients. They would drink matcha to stay calm while they meditated for long hours.

Nowadays, modern life is often filled with other activities and distractions. There’s work (of course), social media, and stress, unfortunately. This is where matcha tea can support us to stay fit, more healthy and stay more focused on work or studies.

To get the most out of matcha green tea, timing is crucial. Especially because the right timing varies depending on your goal with matcha. So let’s explore when is the best time to drink matcha green tea.

What are the best times to drink matcha green tea infographic

Matcha green tea before a workout

A cup of matcha before a workout is a great way to increase performance during your workout (1). It can also help you with weight loss. That’s because matcha can help you burn more calories. When you consume green tea while carrying out a moderate exercise, studies have proven that this increases fat burn, with an average of 17%. See more about the benefits of matcha.

Matcha contains caffeine. Studies (2,3) have shown that caffeine acts as a performance enhancer both in strength and in cardio exercise. Its benefits include increasing your:

  • Muscular strength, endurance, and power
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Focus and alertness
  • Concentration

Are you looking for a great way to prep yourself before your workout? We have a matcha green tea pre workout smoothie recipe available. It’ll give you a marvellous boost to your energy levels.

When to drink green tea before a workout? A pre-workout booster ideally should be consumed 45-60 minutes before the workout (4), to get absorbed into your bloodstream and reach its peak effectiveness. Discover more about caffeine in the detailed caffeine calculator.

Matcha green tea before work

A study concluded that matcha green tea is beneficial for improving performance on cognitively demanding tasks, it helps to increase concentration and keeps you focused. See more about the benefits of matcha. Basically, a cup of matcha is an excellent idea before work, studies or during a task requiring concentration.

Thanks to amino acids such as L-theanine and caffeine in matcha, the green tea’s focus-enhancing effect will last for hours. In contrast, a traditional coffee or energy drink’s boost will only last a short period. See more about these differences in matcha vs coffee.

Matcha green tea after a meal

A cup of matcha green is always a good idea after a meal too. The consumption of matcha green tea helps support your digestive system.

The reason matcha green tea enhances digestive health is because studies found it increases activity of pepsin. This is an enzyme produced in your stomach lining, where it help to break down proteins. As a result, your digestion system works more efficiently and is better able to extract nutrients from food. (5)

However, avoid consuming matcha green tea immediately after your meal. The nutrients won’t be absorbed properly, because the tannins and caffeine in matcha green tea act as obstacles during your digestion. It’s best to wait 30–45 minutes before you drink a cup of matcha green tea.

Matcha green tea in the afternoon

There’s a common phenomenon called the post-lunch dip, where we experience a drop in energy levels after the midday meal. This is typically 1-2 hours into early afternoon. Now, in an ideal world you’d be able to go for a walk, or do some form of exercise for a few minutes, to get that heart rate pumped up.

Of course, sometimes this isn’t practical, for example if you’re at work. Instead, a little energy booster such as a matcha green tea could do miracles and help you get through the afternoon. Think of it as a slow-release energy drink. Not only will the result last for hours, but as a bonus you get to enjoy a tasty treat during working hours.

When not to drink green tea?

  • Avoid drinking matcha on an empty stomach. Drinks containing caffeine can upset your stomach. Allow 30 minutes for the food to digest slightly before consuming your first cup of green tea.
  • Stop drinking matcha at least six hours before going to sleep. Caffeine stays active in the bloodstream for several hours, and may keep you alert when you actually want to rest.
  • As tasty as matcha green tea is, we usually only recommend a few cups per day. Otherwise you may end up feeling jittery or nervous, a sign you need to be careful of your caffeine intake.

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