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"My vision is for Teafolly to be your one-stop-shop for all things matcha. Where you're served all the information you need, alongside a selection of the finest, freshest and tastiest matcha-related products and gifts."
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Matcha tea: Available soon

It’s been an amazing journey of experimenting, sourcing and sampling countless cups of matcha (lucky me). After so much tasting from so many suppliers, I’m happy to have found what I believe to be the perfect matcha for every occasion. And very soon, it’ll be available right here from the Teafolly shop!

Matcha & Tea accessories

Get ready for a carefully sourced selection of matcha gifts and products. They’re ideal for your home, or to share with fellow matcha lovers. Everything you need to prepare, measure and enjoy the marvellous matcha tea!


Teafolly is a new and growing matcha communi-tea – so let’s talk! What would  you like to see, discover and know about matcha?

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