Matcha Tea academy

3 min.

Chapter 1

Discover some of matcha’s chemical properties – and the roles they play in supporting the all-important ‘human optimisation pyramid’.

7 min.

Chapter 2

Meet the many varieties of Camellia Sinensis, take a journey through the history of tea, and explore the vital role of oxidisation.

6 min.

Chapter 3

Get introduced to matcha’s character, heritage and how it’s made. Be inspired with ideas for usage, and get advice on how it should be stored.

5 min.

Chapter 4

Find out why the way you prepare matcha (compared to other teas) is so important, and 10 ways you’ll feel and enjoy the health-giving results. 

4 min.

Chapter 5

Explore how to harness the power of your senses when choosing your matcha, from taste and touch, to aroma and texture.


Want a 5-star matcha experience every time? Check out this 10-step guide showing you the common mistakes to avoid during preparation.

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