Do you make these mistakes

with your matcha?

10 things to avoid for a 5-star home experience

Top 10 mistakes when using matcha green tea

cover top 10 mistakes when using matcha green tea

Want to create the perfect matcha experience at home?

This 10-step guide shows you the mistakes to avoid on the road to matcha heaven.

You’ll find some of the most common pitfalls made when preparing matcha.

There are some tips and techniques for making your brew the tastiest and healthiest it can be.

Plus plenty of ideas for personalising matcha for your personal taste.

Whether you’re a newbie or expert, you’ll find bite-size (and drink-size) info across 10 themes:

  1. Selection
    5 ways to spot the right matcha
  2. Temperature
    The dangers of boiled water
  3. Equipment
    How to lose the lumps
  4. Storage
    Where and how
  5. Separation
    Use a common kitchen device
  6. Dosage
    What you need to weigh up
  7. Ingredients
    When to experiment
  8. The Starbucks secret
    (this is between you and me)
  9. Time
    The importance of patience
  10. Consumption
    The good news about matcha

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